STAND OUT from the competition.


Power up your product messaging from “It works” to “Here’s why it works”

Next Step Options

  • Compile a database of supporting studies for company products
  • Work with PR and Marketing to “storify” these findings by fleshing out testimonials, endorsements or case studies
  • Design tailored research studies to validate product claims
  • Develop collaborations with university-based research departments where appropriate
  • Other options related to scientific inquiry


Marketing and PR departments love scientific evidence, because it gives them a whole new knowledge source that will complement traditional product messaging. Salespeople can also use science as a differential selling point and even provide a summary of relevant research studies to reinforce their pitch.

Having a reputation for relying on scientific support also shows that your company…

  • Takes a stand for an ethical approach to business
  • Knows its claims and testimonials are true – and why they are true
  • Demonstrates a high commitment to, and investment in proven products