Dr. Phillips is the founder and owner of Syfound. He is an internationally recognized researcher, author, speaker and consultant with a career spanning more than 30 years. He holds an MS in Physical Education and Sports Science from Loughborough University, UK, and a Ph.D. in Exercise & Wellness from Arizona State University, where he is now Professor Emeritus. Dr. Phillips is a former postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University, Center for Research in Disease Prevention, and a current Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. His CV is available here.


Dr. Phillips’s career has encompassed research, teaching, academia, coaching and consulting.  He has presented and published extensively in the field of strength and aging, as well as working with a range of disease management, wellness and senior healthcare companies to implement “Best Practice” behavioral approaches to strength and active lifestyles. He has also worked collaboratively with organizations to design tailored “evidence-based” Research and Analysis frameworks for incorporation into quality control and operating systems.  Dr. Phillips’s business resume is available here.


Dr. Phillips has previously founded and developed two highly successful consulting companies (“The STRIVE Wellness Corporation” and “Proactivage”) that focused primarily on the design, development and advocacy of evidence-based health and wellness programs. He also continued to expand his work in coaching and communication approaches to active healthy lifestyles.


SyFound was conceived on the foundations of these earlier projects when Dr. Phillips identified a research sized need in the market. Using validated scientific evidence accessed from a global database, Syfound can strengthen and support a company’s product messaging and so differentiate it from the competition.