Research/Science Officer

Comprehensive Care Solutions

Wayne is a talented executive and entrepreneur who always provides valuable, innovative services in an extremely professional manner. He is a pleasure to work with and I give him my highest unqualified recommendation.

Paul Jawin, Principal and General Counsel, 



Predicating our marketing and messaging on Dr. Phillips’ research was central to our credibility and brand identity at ActiveRx. Dr. Phillips critically assessed all the available scientific literature, both his own publications and that of his peers, to skillfully draw conclusions from those findings. Based on this, he then directed our approach to help us craft a credible message. His professional discernment and expert judgment were integral to our decision-making and execution as a growing business in a nascent market. This is perhaps one of his greatest strengths. He is a master at combing the existing research and literature and then guiding the marketing team in crafting their strategy and tactics.

Paul Reilly, CEO, 



As Science Officer, Dr. Phillips provides essential evidenced-based support for the health-related benefit claims of our products and services, ensuring that the company transparently meets the highest Best Practice standards. He compiles analyzes and synthesizes this research into readable commentaries and explanations suitable for the non-scientist client. His work was also an important contribution to our broader messaging via our eBook as well as web-based, print and media outlets.

Vanessa Raw and Gemma Eves, Co-Founders and Owners



Dr. Phillips has made a significant contribution to the validity of our marketing and promotion by ensuring that all the benefits we claim for our TENS, EMS and Microcurrent units are evidence-based. He has also been invaluable in updating our website content and building stories around his research that ensures our messaging is both accurate and compelling.

Tom Ivascanin Founder and CEO, 

Lifestyle Change

The Wellness Community

The Wellness Community (www.thewellnesscommunityaz.org) is a national non-profit organization that provides support, education and hope to people with cancer and their loved ones. The outcomes [of Dr. Phillips’ lifestyle change program, Life 2.0] were amazing. The lives of our participants were dramatically and positively impacted, and Dr. Wayne Phillips was a kind, compassionate and incredibly effective facilitator. Thank you so much Dr. Phillips for working with us to provide this program for cancer survivors as they transition back into their lives post treatment

Kristi Wisdom, Program Manager for The Wellness Community


Life 2.0

After 3 years of treatment and recovery for Lymphoma, I was more than ready to make significant changes to my lifelong habits concerning food, exercise and stress. Little did I realize how dramatic these changes would be in just 3 short months. “Yes”, the class is that good! [Dr. Phillips’…] class gave all of the attendees the confidence and materials to set new goals and achieve success now and in the future. It’s an amazing achievement and provides us with a new degree of confidence and gratefulness!

Dori, Group member


Optimal Heart Center

Dr. Phillips’s knowledge of aging populations and health proved to be a great resource for us.

Anne-Marie Feyrer-Melk, MD. Co-Owner and Preventive Cardiologist


Optimal Heart Center

Dr. Phillips provided professional, complete and thorough support as I developed the wellness side of our heart attack and stroke prevention program. His expertise was instrumental to the success of setting up this unique, well rounded program.

Steve Feyrer-Melk, Ph.D. Co-Owner and Lifestyle Medicine Director